"I dreamt I was born a girl, living alone alone in the world, passing the hours away.

I looked into the face of sorrow, tempted by the taste of tomorrow, and the scent of yesterday. 

 But that was only a dream of a dream, this world is not what it seems.

We are the wind the carries the seeds, we are the roots of the Banyan Tree.

We are love offered on the wing that stretches across eternity.

We are a chord in life's symphony, we are the Silent Awakening."


-from the Silent Awakening, by Tina Malia

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The Siren to the Sea - A Songwriting Class and Creative Immersion with Tina Malia 

 All Levels. All Genders.  Ages 14+ 

Would you like to stretch your lyrical and melodic horizons with some new songwriting techniques?  Or perhaps you’re just starting out and would like to immerse yourself in a weekly practice with other songwriters?  Join Tina Malia for a 6 week class that will focus on expanding our own limits within how we hear, feel, capture, and express sound into song.  Each class meets for 75 minutes per week, and each participant will have the opportunity to create and share their songs based on the weekly inspiration.  More than just a class, this is a container for cultivating the creative process and befriending our mysterious muse.  Get personalized feedback from Tina and ask her all the questions your heart desires about music and the process of creating unique, memorable songs.    

Cost:  $198 for 6 classes 

Dates: Tuesdays- October 11, October 18, October 25,  November 1, November 8, November 15

If interested, please send an email to misstinamalia@gmail.com