Tina Malia: Collected Favorites

by Tina Malia

Released 2013
Amida Records
Released 2013
Amida Records
The first collection of favorite Tina Malia songs, chosen by her fans! Give your loved ones the gift of music you've always treasured.
Tina Malia's body of work started with her 2002 release, Shores of Avalon. It has evolved over the years to also include the world beat, mantra-based Jaya Bhagavan, the compelling Silent Awakening, and her most recent and captivating release, The Lost Frontier. Malia's musical offerings never fail to leave her fans touched by the beauty of her music, inspired by her lyrics and captivated by the unique and haunting dream pop vocal quality possessed only by Tina Malia.

The select tracks found on Tina Malia Collected Favorites have been hand picked by Tina's fans.

Heal This Land
Sarva Mangala
All Roads
Shores Of Avalon
Spinners Of Yarrow
Gayatri Mantra
Way Home
Silent Awakening

All songs by Tina Malia,
Boundless Light Music (ASCAP)
Amida Records
(p)(c) 2013 Tina Malia