How do devices determine the strength of the Wi-Fi signal?

If anything is great about this world is, it’s the internet I mean there is no better thing you can ask for. Also, the main source of providing internet to all our devices in the house is our Wi-Fi. Without maybe it will be super hard to live life, especially in today’s generation. People make a living through the internet, learn from the internet, enjoy, date, and even get a wife from the internet.

The power of the internet can move the world and it can destroy it too. It sounds like heavy words but it’s true, it’s the thing that we cannot survive without honestly. I don’t know about most people but I spend most of the time on the internet and watch YouTube or Netflix more than my Television. So when we use one thing that is our Wi-Fi so much we do get some questions about that in our mind. As our minds do need to know because of our curiosity level inside us is getting hyped just to know how? So one of the questions that people, even me wanted to know is how do our devices detects the Wi-Fi signals.

So first let’s know what is Wi-Fi?

The Wi-Fi is the wireless signal that lets your devices connect with the internet and also lets you transfer data with the devices. Wi-Fi is a radio technology more like a whole family, it works on radio waves and send it to your devices so you can connect. The same waves that we used in our headset and all other devices. The frequency of this is mostly 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz which lets it connect to every device.

How does it work?

Well, most of the times you will that wireless router work as a medium that will let you connect through devices. There’s no limit to how many devices you want to connect they will let you.

When you connect to a router of Wi-Fi it gives you the speed that is set on that router. It can be any speed maybe 128mbps or 256 or anything that you bought will be provided to you. The devices that connect will get that speed from your Wi-Fi, although remember as many Wi-Fi devices you will connect the speed will keep getting divided equally. So connect much on low Mbps Wi-Fi is never a good choice and can give you a slow suffering speed. Also before I told you about the frequency speed of the Wi-Fi which is 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

When it comes to a frequency the lowest ones tend to give you the distance. So the 2.4Ghz frequency lets you get that distance you need for your device and let you connect through a good distance and enjoy your internet when you are not in the same room. While the other one which is 5Ghz well it is for speed this one provides you with a great fast connectivity speed that lets you connect it to the device with the fastest speed. Although it only works and connects when the device is in a short distance that’s the only time it going to work.

How does the Wi-Fi strength is measured?

As there is no meter made by the companies to find that out there’s no official way to do that and measure it. But there are other ways like received signal strength indicator the RSSI lets you be sure of your Wi-Fi strength and it’s the most commonly used for measuring the Wi-Fi. The power of Wi-Fi is how in Db that is your decibels with reference on your Mw that is your milliwatt. This has a very negative value the dmb has a very negative value. So a very strong signal will be -30dmb or maybe -40dmb.

How do they determine the strength?

Every device has its own transmitter as like every router they also consist of a radio transmitter. Convert them into electric signals, this is important for any device as this is what would determine the strength between your device and receiver which will be your device. Wi-Fi is something like a medium like I mentioned before and it has a limit too. So when you place your device near its speed increases and also lets you get the best experience and when you take it away at a point where it cannot receive any signal.

The transmitter on the device will get closed and lose the ability and the signal shown on the device will be lost. But as soon as you get in-network area and connect the Wi-Fi signal will turn on your phone transmitter and then you can determine the signal strength again. The strength of the signal on your Wi-Fi will be determined with the bars on your device showing you the speed and the signal strength.

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