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Could your Bluetooth device be hacked in 2020?

When you are living in a world full of technologies made by humans. Anything related to technology can be hacked someway. Your answer to your question which was that could your Bluetooth device be hacked it is yes. It can and I will tell you some ways it can be stopped too. Bluetooth is everywhere in your house from your room to the kitchen and even in the bathroom of some people. Everywhere you can find them very easily Nowadays. Especially when you are using your mobile phone and computer.

Bluetooth vulnerability abound

So what is your Bluetooth vulnerability abound is? I will ask you what have you heard about that in a conference of some official people. They told them to switch their Bluetooth off due to the risk of those things of hacking. Recently they have found there’s a way and a small path to get into your device and hack it. You can call it the manufacturer mistake or whatever but it is now in your device. The hackers do know about it and some do try to hack your device and your personal life too. That is why there was no doubt in that official meeting they switched off all of their devices. Well, that fault that lets hackers hack your device is through technique called key negotiation of Bluetooth.

I’m not as good as the tech people but even I can tell that this thing was no joke. It will allow a hacker to hack your device In a short time of you doing a handshake. The hacker does need to be in a close range when they are trying to hack your device. So what does it do that it forces your device to get weak encryption which let your hacker to crack it and get into your system? It may sound a little confusing and you don’t have to go into the details of it too. Just you need to know as soon as the hacker is in a close range like in the same room with you he or she can now hack your device through this hacking software. He needs a short period of time to get your password and force your password with its new short encryption.

The Boston University found out that the hackers if you are in your Bluetooth device like a headset or any other and its turn on it can know and track you. If the hackers Is nearby and send a public key to your device it has very high chances of that he or she will going to get your session key. Then when it’s done they can easily take it and transfer the data from your device to their and even can send a virus or some mileage message. That’s what it will happen once they are done with it.

It’s the manufacturer fault

This is what most of the creators of antivirus software say and hackers says who works for the government and are on the good side. The simple thing is that it’s not their device that is wrong and that can be hacked. It’s their own process of making that device that is wrong and that cannot be trusted easily at all. So if it’s anyone’s fault, it’s your manufacturer’s fault that you can not be safe.

The McAfee antivirus threat security researcher said that the way they make their device is not a good way to do that. It may be good and useful to certain situations when anyone can connect to it and anyone can use it. But it’s probably not the best way to go when you make something like that. Which is really right why do we need to say the idea of Bluetooth is wrong and we need to stop Bluetooth why not let the manufacturer get it to better.

Let us set a password on our headset maybe for starter and let us change it to whatever we need and want. That way at least it won’t be so easy, there should be a protection software inside your devices that let people get safety or at least let them know there is something wrong going on your device. So what simple thing is that the manufacturers are not giving the proper attention to the security of these devices which I think should not be avoided.…