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How to download Apple TV plus on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Mac

Apple TV plus this is a new concept by the apple company. If you are already an iPhone person you would for sure know your this. Bit if you are trying to be an iPhone person you will need this article as it will give you information about what your Apple TV plus and how you can download shows from it. So let’s get started with the first question is what is Apple TV Plus.

Apple TV plus

It is an app that was launched recently on November 1, it is considered the best add free, high-quality video streaming app. You can use it in the app or through the official Apple website too. It has some of its original shows just like you will see on Netflix, amazon prime, and other streaming apps. Yes, it’s for getting Apple users to be total Apple users now even when they are streaming.

Sometimes this makes me wonder when is Bill Gates presenting its own YouTube. Okay, well-keeping jokes aside, for now, let’s talk about what he did have launched. The Apple TV plus app will let you use it in just a subscription of 4.99$ per month. But, but if you are a new consumer and new Apple person that just bought an Apple product. Guess what you going to get 1-year subscription free. Excited to buy a new Apple mobile or product more now? Well, keep that inside you as when the app is comparing and competing against Netflix and amazon prime. It certainly has to give some features like them too, right? Well, it did it gives you high-quality streaming, original shows, and even download option. So yeah you can even download it too, it just got serious. Although if you don’t know how? Let me tell you in the easiest way of downloading the shows from the Apple TV plus app.

Using an iPhone or iPad

Like I said you need to subscribe to the Apple TV plus, once you have done that you will see one of the options called Apple TV channels. When you go there you will see categories of shows, movies, and channels. Then you just need to find the toolbar and there will be a search button on your toolbar once you got that you can type the show which you want to download.

When you are done doing that you will see there is going to be a download cloud button and a play button on your stream.

When you see that you just need to click the download button and it will get downloaded.

There is some drawback when you are using an iPhone and iPad to download Apple TV plus shows one of them is simple. That you cannot whatsoever you can not download the shows on your cellular that is your mobile data. You have to connect it to your Wi-Fi connection to download it. Without Wi-Fi you won’t be able to download any episodes at all. Another one when you use an iPhone and iPad to download is that. No option for you to choose video quality. It will automatically download on a video quality that it has to, you can not choose the video quality option when you download it from Apple TV plus.

So when you are done downloading it will be on your downloads downloading from there you can stop the download and also delete it if you don’t want. Just easy press the stop button while it’s still downloading and if you want to delete it just simply wipe to your left and you can delete it. You will see the red dustbin where you can click and delete it.


When you are using a Mac which maybe you consider more, I mean it’s good with a big screen right. Well, you need to get to the app to follow almost the same procedure as the iPhone and iPad. Just in that when you type the name and it appears you will see button where it will be written that either download or play.

After that, you just need to click on the download option and then you can go and check in download. Another thing while using Mac is that you get an advantage of using choice In video quality now. You can choose between high quality or standard quality video before you download it. So that’s a plus point while using Apple TV plus on Mac.…