Author: Jody Lott

Could your Bluetooth device be hacked in 2020?

When you are living in a world full of technologies made by humans. Anything related to technology can be hacked someway. Your answer to your question which was that could your Bluetooth device be hacked it is yes. It can and I will tell you some ways it can be stopped too. Bluetooth is everywhere in your house from your room to the kitchen and even in the bathroom of some people. Everywhere you can find them very easily Nowadays. Especially when you are using your mobile phone and computer.

Bluetooth vulnerability abound

So what is your Bluetooth vulnerability abound is? I will ask you what have you heard about that in a conference of some official people. They told them to switch their Bluetooth off due to the risk of those things of hacking. Recently they have found there’s a way and a small path to get into your device and hack it. You can call it the manufacturer mistake or whatever but it is now in your device. The hackers do know about it and some do try to hack your device and your personal life too. That is why there was no doubt in that official meeting they switched off all of their devices. Well, that fault that lets hackers hack your device is through technique called key negotiation of Bluetooth.

I’m not as good as the tech people but even I can tell that this thing was no joke. It will allow a hacker to hack your device In a short time of you doing a handshake. The hacker does need to be in a close range when they are trying to hack your device. So what does it do that it forces your device to get weak encryption which let your hacker to crack it and get into your system? It may sound a little confusing and you don’t have to go into the details of it too. Just you need to know as soon as the hacker is in a close range like in the same room with you he or she can now hack your device through this hacking software. He needs a short period of time to get your password and force your password with its new short encryption.

The Boston University found out that the hackers if you are in your Bluetooth device like a headset or any other and its turn on it can know and track you. If the hackers Is nearby and send a public key to your device it has very high chances of that he or she will going to get your session key. Then when it’s done they can easily take it and transfer the data from your device to their and even can send a virus or some mileage message. That’s what it will happen once they are done with it.

It’s the manufacturer fault

This is what most of the creators of antivirus software say and hackers says who works for the government and are on the good side. The simple thing is that it’s not their device that is wrong and that can be hacked. It’s their own process of making that device that is wrong and that cannot be trusted easily at all. So if it’s anyone’s fault, it’s your manufacturer’s fault that you can not be safe.

The McAfee antivirus threat security researcher said that the way they make their device is not a good way to do that. It may be good and useful to certain situations when anyone can connect to it and anyone can use it. But it’s probably not the best way to go when you make something like that. Which is really right why do we need to say the idea of Bluetooth is wrong and we need to stop Bluetooth why not let the manufacturer get it to better.

Let us set a password on our headset maybe for starter and let us change it to whatever we need and want. That way at least it won’t be so easy, there should be a protection software inside your devices that let people get safety or at least let them know there is something wrong going on your device. So what simple thing is that the manufacturers are not giving the proper attention to the security of these devices which I think should not be avoided.…

Do microwaves interfere with Wi-Fi signal?

This is a thing that I have been noticing a lot, Whenever I go near my  small compact microwave and trying to play music and open a webpage. It always messes up with my signal of Wi-Fi, and sometimes I do get it good. But most of the time it is really never letting my phone gets a good signal. So that is why I thought about going into the depth of this problem and what happens. That makes my Wi-Fi always goes down when I’m using both of them together, so let’s start with knowing about them.

What are microwaves?

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves that produce electromagnetic wavelength that gives you the range up to 1m to 1mm. Depending on the obstacles while using it.

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is your wireless connection that let your devices to connect with each other and also let your devices to connect to the internet that we mostly use it for. The Wi-Fi is great and probably the most useful need of this generation.

So what happens that makes the microwaves interfere with Wi-Fi?

Electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic radiation, we are surrounded by these radiation every day. Like I said that microwaves are electromagnetic wavelengths and this also includes your other devices like TV remote, Wi-Fi and there are plenty more. devices that you will see.

They come in different types, and those types depend on their frequency. When you have high frequency you will find there the Gamma rays and your X rays. Which are mostly used in the hospital and science lab these frequencies can harm humans. While what we using is the low-frequency waves that is your radio waves and microwaves.

Microwave oven and Wi-Fi routers

As I told you that almost every appliance we used in our daily lives are run through electromagnetic wavelength to properly function. And the most common household appliances are your microwave and your Wi-Fi router only. Especially your Wi-Fi router which never turns off for most people. Let me tell you one short thing that I already said they both do need electromagnetic waves to work and function properly. Your microwave oven emits and use microwaves to heat food. While your Wi-Fi uses radio waves to work and provide a signal to your device.

So do they interfere with each other?

In short, yes, they do interfere with each other. You know now that they are almost the same thing, works on the same wavelength and produce electromagnetic waves only. It’s no wonder that they will clash and give some sort of resentment when brought together. it’s just like your magnet north pole coming with the other magnet north pole, of course, they are never going to attract. Same thing with your animals if you bring some species of same-gender you will for sure see a great clash in between them. They tend to clash because of being so much similar. That is why even your microwaves and Wi-Fi do clash and interfere with each other.

So when it starts clashing?

You will notice that before turning your microwave on you will see your Wi-Fi router connection pretty good and with no harm at all. While as soon as you turn your microwave on for heating your food. The Wi-Fi router connection feels those waves and your simple webpage won’t even open. So the reason behind it is super simple that both of their frequency is even the same. They both use electromagnetic waves and then they also use the same frequency of 2.4Ghz. Even though the microwave is not transferring data it still radiates that amount of frequency.

So how can a close microwave oven let that frequency out of its shield? Do you need to consider changing your oven and getting a new one? Is it leaking because it’s broken? There will be lots of questions that will be running through your mind. Well, let me tell you simple things that it’s not your microwave fault it’s just how it is. Even though you get a pack newly microwave oven it will still happen there are always some open spots that are there for your microwave from which the wavelength does get out.

So what you can do?

To be honest mostly nothing, there is one thing you can do but I didn’t do when I found out. You can upgrade your Wi-Fi to 5Ghz which will give you a speed advantage and it won’t interfere with your microwaves. But there was this short-range disadvantage with it. As the lower frequency In a router that is your 2.4Ghz can travel more and give you a better range and I need more than I need 10 minutes of Wi-Fi extra.…

The Best True Wireless Ear Buds of 2020


In this world full of tension and pressure, the one thing that helps a lot in healing and relaxing is music. Music is the most pleasant way of getting rid of the pressures and tensions of life. We listen to music whenever we are happy or sad, or we are jogging or exercising or sleeping and many more.

The device we most often use to listen to music is our smart phone. And not to forget, the earphones or headphones or ear buds (whatever you say) are the companions. The basic models of earphones we use are the wired ones. But with the advancement of technology, various new wireless ear buds are now available. These have many advantages over their wired counterparts. These do not mess up or tangle, and with the new era smart phones coming without the much loved headphone jack, the need of a wireless ear bud has become really necessary.

Here are some really worth buying wireless ear buds which the music lovers are going to enjoy –

Jabra Elite Active 65t Ear buds


The manufacturing company claims the Jabra 65t to be securely fitting and adjustable ear buds, i.e. these are not going to fall off your ear easily. These are best suitable for those who go jogging or to the gym regularly because these are going to stick comfortably to your ears even during rigorous shakings! The ear buds are suitable for those who love evenly balanced, low bass and amplified music. In a single charge, it can give you 5 hours of usage and an added 15 hours with the pocket friendly charging case in hand. All of these features make Jabra Elite Active 65t one of the best earbuds under 50. Also, the pack comes with a pair of ear buds, a charging case, some extra buds and included batteries.

Bose SoundSport


If you are a music lover and have not used or heard about Bose, then I do not believe you! Bose is one of the biggest manufacturers of headphones, and the SoundSport is the wireless presentation. It is a hi-tech earphone to be honest. These are sweat and weather resistant (not water!) and come in three different sized buds (S/M/L) according to the fitting of your ears. A single charge of 2 hours can give % hours of play time, with an additional 10 hours with the charging case.

The SoundSport amplifies the music and will be a treat for the bass lovers. But the most interesting fact is that these contain an integrated dual microphone array in the right ear bud which when used during calls will give the feel of complete sound, since calls will be heard in the right bud only. And you can find the lost earphones using the Bose’s Find My Earbuds Connect app!

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots


Let’s just simply call these MI Airdots. These are the best budget friendly wireless earphones when you are on a tight budget. Xiaomi is well known for its budget friendly products which come with better features as compared to the budget. The Airdots have the latest Bluetooth v5.0 which will make the connection between the left and right ear buds disappear!

With an evenly balanced effect, these will be loved by those who like even bass and amplified music. The multifunctional touch button avoids false touches and lets you pick up calls with just a click. The buds are light weight and are very light weight. A single charge of 2 hours can give you 4 hours of running time, along with 12 hours extra with the charging case.

Sennheiser Momentum


If you are that type of person who does not risk on the quality of music and has some serious money for earphones, the Sennheiser is the right choice for you. Sennheiser is undoubtedly the best earphone manufacturer you can ever find, and its wireless models are exceptional.

The Momentum give you such clarified music experience that you will feel like you are listening to the song live. The bass-boosted sound with some really awesome amplify is best for Rock and Pop lovers. And these are button free, i.e. you will get to control the music or receive calls with the touch sensitive ear buds! A single charge will give you 4 hours of usage along with an added 12 hours with the compact charging case. And these are water, sweat and damage resistant, as videos show that even when thrown like a ball from the 4th floor of a building, these headphones take zero damage! But these are a bit expensive though!

JLab Audio JBuds Air


The JLab Audio JBuds Air are a really good pair of wireless headphones, and are designed for the workaholics. These are hassle free, so you do not need to turn them on and pair them. These get paired automatically once removed from the case. The battery period is really astounding. A single charge allows you to use them for at least 6 hours and added 18 hours with the charging box. These are sweat and dirt proof, so you do not need to worry about using these during workouts as well. Plus you do not need any application on your phone to control the equalizers of the song, as everything can be done through the side buttons present in the buds.

Sony WF-1000XM3


If you are an old enough customer of smart phones, then you must know that no one can doubt on the quality of products that Sony provides. Am I right? Similarly, the WF-1000XM3 is one of the best products that Sony has to offer. Sony claims to offer some serious noise cancellation technology in this. And it supports quick charge, i.e. along with 8+ hours of usage in a single charge, you can get 90 minutes of playtime in 10 minutes of charge through the charging case. The smart calling system allows you to keep your phone anywhere and attend calls smoothly through the buds. And these look premium as well! Typical Sony things, is not it!…

How to download Apple TV plus on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Mac

Apple TV plus this is a new concept by the apple company. If you are already an iPhone person you would for sure know your this. Bit if you are trying to be an iPhone person you will need this article as it will give you information about what your Apple TV plus and how you can download shows from it. So let’s get started with the first question is what is Apple TV Plus.

Apple TV plus

It is an app that was launched recently on November 1, it is considered the best add free, high-quality video streaming app. You can use it in the app or through the official Apple website too. It has some of its original shows just like you will see on Netflix, amazon prime, and other streaming apps. Yes, it’s for getting Apple users to be total Apple users now even when they are streaming.

Sometimes this makes me wonder when is Bill Gates presenting its own YouTube. Okay, well-keeping jokes aside, for now, let’s talk about what he did have launched. The Apple TV plus app will let you use it in just a subscription of 4.99$ per month. But, but if you are a new consumer and new Apple person that just bought an Apple product. Guess what you going to get 1-year subscription free. Excited to buy a new Apple mobile or product more now? Well, keep that inside you as when the app is comparing and competing against Netflix and amazon prime. It certainly has to give some features like them too, right? Well, it did it gives you high-quality streaming, original shows, and even download option. So yeah you can even download it too, it just got serious. Although if you don’t know how? Let me tell you in the easiest way of downloading the shows from the Apple TV plus app.

Using an iPhone or iPad

Like I said you need to subscribe to the Apple TV plus, once you have done that you will see one of the options called Apple TV channels. When you go there you will see categories of shows, movies, and channels. Then you just need to find the toolbar and there will be a search button on your toolbar once you got that you can type the show which you want to download.

When you are done doing that you will see there is going to be a download cloud button and a play button on your stream.

When you see that you just need to click the download button and it will get downloaded.

There is some drawback when you are using an iPhone and iPad to download Apple TV plus shows one of them is simple. That you cannot whatsoever you can not download the shows on your cellular that is your mobile data. You have to connect it to your Wi-Fi connection to download it. Without Wi-Fi you won’t be able to download any episodes at all. Another one when you use an iPhone and iPad to download is that. No option for you to choose video quality. It will automatically download on a video quality that it has to, you can not choose the video quality option when you download it from Apple TV plus.

So when you are done downloading it will be on your downloads downloading from there you can stop the download and also delete it if you don’t want. Just easy press the stop button while it’s still downloading and if you want to delete it just simply wipe to your left and you can delete it. You will see the red dustbin where you can click and delete it.


When you are using a Mac which maybe you consider more, I mean it’s good with a big screen right. Well, you need to get to the app to follow almost the same procedure as the iPhone and iPad. Just in that when you type the name and it appears you will see button where it will be written that either download or play.

After that, you just need to click on the download option and then you can go and check in download. Another thing while using Mac is that you get an advantage of using choice In video quality now. You can choose between high quality or standard quality video before you download it. So that’s a plus point while using Apple TV plus on Mac.…

How do devices determine the strength of the Wi-Fi signal?

If anything is great about this world is, it’s the internet I mean there is no better thing you can ask for. Also, the main source of providing internet to all our devices in the house is our Wi-Fi. Without maybe it will be super hard to live life, especially in today’s generation. People make a living through the internet, learn from the internet, enjoy, date, and even get a wife from the internet.

The power of the internet can move the world and it can destroy it too. It sounds like heavy words but it’s true, it’s the thing that we cannot survive without honestly. I don’t know about most people but I spend most of the time on the internet and watch YouTube or Netflix more than my Television. So when we use one thing that is our Wi-Fi so much we do get some questions about that in our mind. As our minds do need to know because of our curiosity level inside us is getting hyped just to know how? So one of the questions that people, even me wanted to know is how do our devices detects the Wi-Fi signals.

So first let’s know what is Wi-Fi?

The Wi-Fi is the wireless signal that lets your devices connect with the internet and also lets you transfer data with the devices. Wi-Fi is a radio technology more like a whole family, it works on radio waves and send it to your devices so you can connect. The same waves that we used in our headset and all other devices. The frequency of this is mostly 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz which lets it connect to every device.

How does it work?

Well, most of the times you will that wireless router work as a medium that will let you connect through devices. There’s no limit to how many devices you want to connect they will let you.

When you connect to a router of Wi-Fi it gives you the speed that is set on that router. It can be any speed maybe 128mbps or 256 or anything that you bought will be provided to you. The devices that connect will get that speed from your Wi-Fi, although remember as many Wi-Fi devices you will connect the speed will keep getting divided equally. So connect much on low Mbps Wi-Fi is never a good choice and can give you a slow suffering speed. Also before I told you about the frequency speed of the Wi-Fi which is 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

When it comes to a frequency the lowest ones tend to give you the distance. So the 2.4Ghz frequency lets you get that distance you need for your device and let you connect through a good distance and enjoy your internet when you are not in the same room. While the other one which is 5Ghz well it is for speed this one provides you with a great fast connectivity speed that lets you connect it to the device with the fastest speed. Although it only works and connects when the device is in a short distance that’s the only time it going to work.

How does the Wi-Fi strength is measured?

As there is no meter made by the companies to find that out there’s no official way to do that and measure it. But there are other ways like received signal strength indicator the RSSI lets you be sure of your Wi-Fi strength and it’s the most commonly used for measuring the Wi-Fi. The power of Wi-Fi is how in Db that is your decibels with reference on your Mw that is your milliwatt. This has a very negative value the dmb has a very negative value. So a very strong signal will be -30dmb or maybe -40dmb.

How do they determine the strength?

Every device has its own transmitter as like every router they also consist of a radio transmitter. Convert them into electric signals, this is important for any device as this is what would determine the strength between your device and receiver which will be your device. Wi-Fi is something like a medium like I mentioned before and it has a limit too. So when you place your device near its speed increases and also lets you get the best experience and when you take it away at a point where it cannot receive any signal.

The transmitter on the device will get closed and lose the ability and the signal shown on the device will be lost. But as soon as you get in-network area and connect the Wi-Fi signal will turn on your phone transmitter and then you can determine the signal strength again. The strength of the signal on your Wi-Fi will be determined with the bars on your device showing you the speed and the signal strength.…